Veneto Padel Cup is a unique event for fans of Padel tournaments in Italy.

The first VPC phases take place from the 29th of September to the 3rd of October 2021, at the padel clubs’ of four important Venetian cities, while the semifinals and finals will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2021.

Veneto Padel Cup is an event that involves professional padel players and non-professional ones, enthusiasts and VIPs, who compete and play united by a single passion, the one for Padel.

Various activities animate furthermore the months preceding the tournament, including promotion on social networks and on the web, two unmissable days of friendly matches, in which players positioned at the top of the World Padel Tour ranking, famous personalities from the world of sport, radio and from the Italian show-biz will be participating.

By taking part in VPC you do not accumulate points for FIT, WPT and FIP rankings.

Diverse attività animano inoltre i mesi precedenti al torneo,
tra cui promozione sui social e sul web, due giornate imperdibili di esibizioni amichevoli,
a cui partecipano giocatori posizionati ai primi posti del
ranking World Padel Tour, personaggi famosi del mondo dello sport, della radio e dello spettacolo italiano.

Con la partecipazione a VPC non si accumulano punti per il ranking FIT, WPT e FIP.


Marcelo Capitani, Simone Cremona, Giulia Sussarello and Chiara Pappacena, the 2020 national padel champions, are the official faces of this important tournament.

In addition to being the official VPC ambassadors, the best Padel players in Italy entertain us not only during the tournament, but also during the two days of friendly matches that are held on May 31st and June 1st 2021. Together with them, other internationally famous players will participate too, formalizing the VPC first match with a friendly exhibition.

Chiara Pappacena
Marcelo Capitani
Simone Cremona
Giulia Sussarello


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VPC supports the right to happiness

Veneto Padel Cup has chosen to support the right to happiness of children and adolescents suffering from chronic diseases, in therapy or in post-hospitalisation period, to healthy siblings and their families.
At Dynamo Camp sick children are simply children, the real cure is to laugh and the medicine is happiness.

For each ticket sold to attend the semi-finals and finals of the tournament, VPC will donate 10,00 euro of the proceeds to the Dynamo Camp Onlus Foundation.

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